Data Central

The image up top is just static – but it doesn't have to be!

Today, I'm introducing "Data Central," your destination for actually playing around dynamically with these models for days when you don't want to read a bunch of equations to get to the main event.

I've started simple, with my low-noise, high-quality tracker. As I described in a mathier post, the advantage of this my approach is that apparent variations in daily pollsters is really just noise, and most of the robo-polls are pretty junky, anyway. You can look at which pollster produces which data, add or remove the individual polling biases, and select on polls that include only registered voters, or all adults.  More features will be added depending on interest.

I've also put a little "ticker" on the side of the page:

which updates whenever a new high-quality poll is released. Credit where credit is due for both of these.  Rather than update manually, I use the 538 dataset, so thanks to them for the heavy lifting.