A really, really awesome widget

From my new House District Explorer.  This particular visualization shows the % of white residents vs. 2016 voter outcome.  No surprises there.

I wrote a new widget.  I won't get into the javascript under the hood (though it's pretty damn elegant), but what it basically does is allow you to explore various demographic and electoral information all in one place, including:
  • Electoral results for President and House member.
  • Median income
  • Unemployment (a bit outdated, I'm afraid)
  • Racial breakdown
  • Housing prices
  • Population density
and more.  Indeed, anything recorded by the census can be included on my end with just a few keystrokes, so just let me know if you'd like something added.

You can highlight individual districts of interest in the search bar, using the notation:
and so on.

Then, you can filter by whatever demographic or electoral information (including whether incumbents are running), whether or not that data is currently being plotted.  Hover over the data points for more info.

The idea is to help people identify patterns of similar races, and where dems are likely to do well.  For instance, comparing to AZ-08 (where Dems picked up 20 points last week), and filtering on similar electoral outcomes, Hispanic populations, unemployment, and population density:

 where those points include:
FL-15, FL-16, FL-19, AZ-05, AZ-06, PA-16 (new) and GA-11 (!).

Those races might deserve a closer look.