New Widget: The District Targeter (and other news)

Find just the right race to focus your efforts on.

Primary season is pretty far along, and I think most of us are excited and nervous about the general election, especially in the House.  Bit of advice: vote, and get everyone you know to vote as well.  And no party purity this time around. But you can also invest financial resources.

I've created a new widget that will help you figure out where to be most helpful.  The District Targeter pulls in total FEC filings to identify underfunded, but potentially competitive races, where a little money might go a long way. You can adjust the General Congressional Ballot, and the widget makes a reasonable estimate of about where the race is based on district history.  For those few races that have it, I may add direct polling data in the future. The size of the points indicate the amount money in the race, and the y-axis (at least as the default) indicates the fraction of money contributed to Dems.  Click on the points for more info.

Another big change:
I've moved all of my widgets to my political modeling website, aptly named It is a bit faster, a bit slicker, and far more complete.  Please take a look at some of the other widgets up there, and be sure to get in touch if you have any thoughts.