Progressive Physicist Consulting

The Progressive Physicist Political Consulting
Dr. Dave Goldberg
We offer numerical and computational political analysis with detailed customization for individual campaigns. Services available throughout the campaign pipeline, from NGP fundraising list generation to canvassing support, to optimal election day volunteer allocation, including projection modeling. In particular:
  • We datamine Board of Ethics, Secretary of State, and other relevant databases to develop giving history and prospective donor lists in an NGP ready format. This includes cross-correlations of multiple historical candidates to prioritize potential donors.
  • We also scour filings of other candidates to identify trends and potential donors.
Canvassing and Mailer Support
  • Starting with state voter exports, we produce custom walksheets for canvassers and volunteers, including identification of supervoters.
  • Using past voting history, and demographics by age and district characteristics, we produce custom mailing lists, customized around likely voters for specific candidates.
Field Support, Volunteer Allocation and Projections
  • By looking at historical voting patterns and propensity, we have developed tools to determine where candidates are likely to earn their election day votes, and then recommend a program for sending out volunteers.
  • We have developed a real-time election projection model that outperformed in the 2018 in terms of stability and accuracy, and predicted the competitive city-wide races in the 2019 Philadelphia primary with only 5% of the vote.
Custom Tools
Each campaign is going to have its own needs. We bring a fast, responsive set of computational and modeling skills which will allow us to develop custom tools and analyses to address individual requests.

Dave Goldberg is a Professor and Associate Head of Drexel University’s Department of Physics. His academic work focuses on numerical modeling of big data systems, and he has extended that work to political modeling and mapping. He has worked on multiple campaigns, including serving as chief statistician in the 2018 “Great Slate” (supporting 13 US Congressional candidates) and for several city-wide races in the 2019 Philadelphia Democratic primary, notably including Tiffany Palmer's successful race for Court of Common Pleas.
Hourly and monthly quotes available. We are happy to work with individual progressive candidates, or groups looking to identify targets of opportunity at the state or district level.

Sample Data Products
  • [Custom Prospect Lists]
    Using datamining from Philadelphia Board of Ethics, PA SoS, and FEC filings, we can find, merge, filter, and populate NGP-friendly call lists. The one above is a simple proof of concept using our proprietary libraries. In this case, we've created a database of all individuals and PACs who've given to at least 1 candidate for PA Lt. Governor and Auditor General (e.g. the row offices), along with their giving histories, in order to prioritize. We've redacted phone numbers and emails, but many of those can be generated from public sources as well. Virtually any combination of giving history or requirement can be accommodated.
  • [Dynamic Walklists]
    A prototype dynamic map for Philadelphia primaries, which can be used to generate real-time walklists, filtering by vote participation in previous elections.
  • [Data Maps]
    Sample map of PA House Districts, with party control by district and vote margin in each of the last three elections. Just drag an icon into the map or the scatter plot.
  • [Walklists]
    Custom walklists for canvassing and soliciting donations and signatures. This one happens to be of a division in Philadelphia, with past primary participation included.
  • [Customized Election Analyses]
    In addition to projecting where candidates over- and under- perform, I've created custom maps of, for instance, candidate ranks by precinct or ward. The linked map is Tiffany Palmer's ranked performance in the 2019 Democratic judicial primary (top 6 candidates win nomination).